Cotton Blanket for a Newborn

Cotton Blanket for a Newborn   Wrap a new baby in cottony comfort with this easy garter stitch blanket in three colors. The skills needed are: cast on, bind off, knit, and pick up stitches. No need to purl at all.   Supplies Needed 3 balls Lily Sugar ‘n Cream 100% cotton worsted yarn (1 […]

Narrow Hem Tutorial

Narrow Hem Tutorial Sew a Narrow Hem on Slinky Knits This hemming technique is used regularly in bridal alterations work using industrial straight-stitch machines. It also works on conventional home sewing machines. Be sure to try the technique on scraps of similar fabric to find the right tension settings for your particular sewing machine. The […]

Crochet Fingerless Mitts

Fingerless mitts are warm, yet leave your fingers free. I also use them over a pair of gloves in extremely cold weather. If you know how to chain, turn, and do at least a single crochet and double crochet stitch, you can make these mitts. Start with a worsted weight yarn and a hook size J […]

Embellished Pillowcases

A pair of solid- colored pillowcases costs just $6 to $12 at a discount store. Use inexpensive supplies such as embroidery floss, lace, or ribbon to make these pillowcases into gifts for bridal showers, college students, or housewarming parties. Decorated pillowcases also make thoughtful gifts for hospital patients or nursing home residents. Here are some […]

Color Selection in Knitting

There are so many beautiful colors available to the modern knitter! How does one choose just a few to combine in a sweater, hat, or shawl? Seasonal color theory, used by many wardrobe and makeup consultants, is also a handy color selection tool for knitters. Use these color tips to select yarns that will blend […]

A Guide to Formal Dress Fabrics

Wedding gowns may be made in a variety of fabrics. Here is a basic guide. Heavier Formal Fabrics Satins come in different weights and have a shiny surface that snags easily and requires careful pressing to avoid marks. Crepe-back satin is a reversible fabric popular for formals because the crepe (textured) side can be used […]

Fun to Crochet with Loom Flowers

Try a crochet-related craft that is easy to learn and gives quick results. With yarn and a simple flower loom, you can make interesting floral embellishments in less than an hour. Make a bunch of loom flowers and assemble them into an afghan using only basic crochet stitches. Follow these steps to get started with […]

Skinny Scarf to Knit

You can knit a quick, skinny scarf using only knit and purl stitches. Stockinette stitch is formed by knitting one row, purling the next. The knit side is the right side and the purl side is the wrong side, unless your knitting pattern calls for reverse stockinette, in which the purl side is used as […]